Bed Bugs

Yuck, that pretty much sums up peoples attitude toward bed bugs and rightly so. These little critters can be very difficult to eradicate once they have a foothold. Someone or something will have transported them into your home. They can go un noticed due to their size however you’ll soon know you have bed bugs when you wake up and see red spots on your body due to their bites. Bed bugs use an anesthetic whilst feeding so in most cases you will not feel the bite as they feed, spots of blood on your bed sheets is a sure sign you may have a bed bug problem. Perhaps you purchases a piece of second hand furniture such as a couch, an ideal place for bedbugs, this can be a common cause for beg bug problems.

There are several solutions to bed bugs both carried out by professionals or trying it yourself. All bed linen should be discarded, bed bugs have hooked feet and can cling to virtually anything, a primary reason why they are hard to get rid of. Ideally find the root cuase of the the infestation , for example that second hand couch you purchased and dispose of it. It will be their main habitat for some time so if you get rid of that you’ll also be getting rid of alot of bed bugs. The adults can be visible to the naked eye but remember the young and eggs will not be. It can take sometime to totally eliminate bed bugs from your home so it is best to prevent the problem in the first place. Always thoroughly check second furniture and other used items such as curtains and other linen type products for infestation.

It may be wise to contact a pest control specialist for advice, bed bugs can be detremental to your health.



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