Pest Prevention

Some very simple steps you can prevent pests becoming a problem in the first place. By learning the kind of habitat pests prefer you can ensure your home isn’t their preferred choice of abode!


Keep the garden tidy, throwing out any items such old furniture, appliances and other large items which may have been left in the garden and forgotten about. Spiders love old buckets and furniture as somewhere to set their webs and catch prey. Rodents will nest in old furniture such as sofas left outside. Don’t give them the chance. Caring for your lawn helps prevent ants getting a foothold in your garden. Call in a professional lawn care specialist if need be but keep that garden neat and tidy. If you have sheds in your garden these can be a breeding ground for rodents ensure it is clean and tidy and that no holes allow rodents to enter the shed to shelter themselves at night.


Inside your home:

Nothing is more disturbing than having a pest control problem inside the home. Many pest issues such as spiders and rodents may start in the attic and spread throughout your home. If you hear scratching noises at night from the roof call a professional pest specialist immediately, rodents are fast breeders you want to catch any problems early. Spiders will usually be found in the attic but not in numbers. If you are constantly seeing spiders throughout your home on a regular basis have this checked out. If you are finding black widows in the home, which is not their normal habitat call a professional pest control company immediately, widow spiders are dangerous to people and handling and removal should not be attempted without the proper equipment.

Again general tidiness and avoiding un necessary clutter give pests less places to hide. If you have a room with old clothes lying in a pile for a length of time, you will highly likely find a spider or 2 within that pile when you move it. Bag your old clothes, better still vacuum pack them to save space and most pests do not find plastic a comfortable material to dwell in.

So these general tips will help keep many pests out of your home and garden. We’ll add more and other ways you can help prevent any pest problems in the near future, thanks for reading.


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