Bed bugs yuck !

Probably one of the more creepier bugs is the tiny bed bug. Barely visible to the naked eye these mini bugs are pretty common and can cause alot of stress when they infest your home. They are rarely seen because they are attracted by body heat and as their name implies, they enjoy living in your bed. They will usually remain out of sight until someone sits or lies down and they heat will trigger them to come out. One very common symptom of bed bugs are the trademark bites that you’ll notice when you wake up.

The video below, as well as our bed bugs page, will help you in detecting and getting rid of these pesky bugs. You can also find out more about bed bugs and the pesticides used on this goverment page

Bed bugs are known to carry diseases so irradication is a must and it may be a good idea to call a professional pest control expert before they become a serious issue.


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