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When you have a pest control problem, who do you call. Well we’ve heard nothing but great reviews about Royal Green Landscape and Pest Management . Established in 1986 they have been serving Port St Lucie for some time now and have built up an enviable reputation in the pest control and lawn care market.  With great customer care and service we hear they are the guys to use when it comes to pest control and lawn care.

We did a little research and have found they even have a cool video detailing their services. You can watch the video below. For further details about Royal Green Landscape and Pest Management you can visit their website in the link further up the post.


Bed bugs yuck !

Probably one of the more creepier bugs is the tiny bed bug. Barely visible to the naked eye these mini bugs are pretty common and can cause alot of stress when they infest your home. They are rarely seen because they are attracted by body heat and as their name implies, they enjoy living in your bed. They will usually remain out of sight until someone sits or lies down and they heat will trigger them to come out. One very common symptom of bed bugs are the trademark bites that you’ll notice when you wake up.

The video below, as well as our bed bugs page, will help you in detecting and getting rid of these pesky bugs. You can also find out more about bed bugs and the pesticides used on this goverment page

Bed bugs are known to carry diseases so irradication is a must and it may be a good idea to call a professional pest control expert before they become a serious issue.

Acting Quickly To Prevent Pest Problems

In many cases it is wise to act fast if you feel you have a pest problem.Be it spiders, rodents, ants, whatever the pest problem the quicker you act the more likely it is that’ll you’ll eliminate the problem entirely.  It will give the pest control company the ability to get a head start on the problem. Some pest problems like ants can be tackled yourself if you act quickly and don’t hesitate to call an expert should you find you are not getting anywhere.

When it comes to spiders, especially black widows, call an expert, these spiders are dangerous and no attempt should be made to control such a problem. Pest control specialists know what they are doing in these situations. It’s a similar story for rodents. Rodents can breed at an alarming rate and the problem should be tackled immediately before it gets out of hand. Always keep your own safety in mind when tackling pests. While many are simply a nuisance , some are very dangerous, why risk it, let a professional deal with the problem.

Lawn Care

Having a beautiful looking lawn can do more than create curb appeal.

As well as greatly improving the appeal of your home, a well maintained lawn can help reduce pest problems. Many pests such as rats and spiders like an unkept garden. It creates plenty of hiding places for them.

So how do look after your lawn?

The first step is getting rid of any rubbish, it’s always a good idea to wear protective clothing, especially if you haven’t tidied your garden for sometime. The next step is to get rid of any weeds which may be present in the garden. Do a final check for any stones or hard objects which may damage your mower. Using an rcd you can now mow your lawn to get to a starting base. It can take time to have a showcase lawn and without doubt using a professional lawn care specialist can speed the process up considerably. The advantage of using a professional is the fact they will have access to trade standard pesticides which will not readily available to the general public, not to mention years of experience in knowing how ot produce that elusive showcase lawn,

If you decide to tackle the lawn yourself, allow time to for each phase to work for you, You’ll need ensure your lawn is well watered in the summer months and protected in the winter months. Never drench your lawn. The best conditions are when the grass has been watered long enough for the ground to be damp 30 minutes after watering. There are various brands of lawn feed which will help strengthen the lawn as well as fight off certain pests. Endophytes is particularly useful for fighting lawn pests. This microscopic fungus lives in the blades of your grass and helps fight off chinchbugs, sod webworms and many more.

Certain types of mulch can give your lawn a real boost and help stabilize the ground temperature.You can even call a professional lawncare specialist and ask what they recommend to help get your lawn back on it’s feet. Once you’ve attained your showcase lawn remember you’ll need to constantly maintain it.

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